I was born and raised in Calgary Alberta. I attended the University of Alberta and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. In the early years art was a part time activity done on weekends and days off from the ‘paying’ job. I am now a full time artist working in acrylic mixed media and printmaking – linocut and monotype. I am a self-taught artist, and have taken a variety of workshops and love incorporating and experimenting with new ideas and techniques with my art. I live in the Bragg Creek area with my husband and two dogs, a horse and two mules. Life is good!


Artist Statement

My greatest influence is nature. With the Rocky Mountains to the west and the prairie grasslands to the east – this picturesque rural landscape has given me a deep regard for the natural environment.  Everyday provides new inspiration – the ever changing landscape and diverse flora and fauna are just a step a way and offer a lifetime of creative ideas. Observation plays an important role in my painting process as I tend to paint more from memory – using reference materials gives me a starting point and memory and passion for the subject provides the rest.