Back to the Studio and the Dogs!




It’s been a busy couple of months. Depending on what I have to organize things can go either smoothly or extremely messy. This go round….extremely messy. Anyhow it is done and I am happy it is! Now I can spend a bit of time in my studio before the christmas season starts.

So where does the dog journal fit into all this you ask? We have just adopted another yellow lab and she is gradually settling in to our home and routine with our other lab Cleo. Both girls have been adopted at an older stage in life and we are very lucky to have them as part of our family. Cleo has the most expressive and unique face – so different from Kali (the new girl). I don’t know Kali well enough yet to capture her personality and features. Cleo having been with us longer has fascinating facial features and expressions.

The first painting is Cleo and will be one of many I hope and maybe a ‘big’ canvas at some point! The other is just a quick painting of no dog in particular, but just experimenting relying on memory rather than a reference.

This painting is actually 11″X14″, but it was too large to fit on the scanner so had to crop it.


2017 Art Daily Painting 10.2017 Day19b
(~8 1/2″X11″); Acrylic mixed media on Canson Mixed media paper)



Art 2017 Daily Painting 10.2017 Day 17
6″X6″; Acrylic mixed media on Arches 140lb coldpress paper





2 thoughts on “Back to the Studio and the Dogs!

  1. What beautiful dogs – and such expressive faces. I love labs – we have had 3 black labs. Our last died in June. Thanks for sharing Janet! >


    1. Hi there – good to hear from you Patricia. I remember the black lab you painted for the last 30in30 – was a beautiful painting. Sorry to hear that your labs are gone – I think though that they were very lucky to have you and your husband for family. Always appreciate hearing from you. Take care and happy painting!


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