Getting Back on Track

Took a break from blogging and keeping up with other artists posts – in fact most computer related activities in general. Still painting but has been good to take a break from technology. I have a couple of workshops coming up in April and have been gearing up for them. For me this means checking that our favourite dog walker is available, meals are prepared in advance and of course the all important supply list has been checked and double checked. At this point in my painting life I don’t require much in the line of supplies. Have enough paint to last a lifetime and paper too! I will be doing some prepping of paint surfaces as required by the instructor. As the date gets closer I will share info about the instructor and some of their art work.

The picture I am posting today took more time than I had planned. I worked with neutrals and added colour near the end. I am doing more and more lifting of paint to expose some of the older paint layers. I enjoy taking the paint off, just as much as putting it on. Can never really be sure what will be exposed!


Daily Painting 3.2017 Day20
‘Vessels #12’, 8″X8″, acrylic mixed media on Arches 140lb hot press paper

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